Microbiological cabins in the health

Cabin Microbiological were created as a safe space with exclusive characteristics for all practices carried out with microorganisms or materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level.

The objective of a microbiological safety cabinet is to serve as a means to protect the operator and the surrounding environment from pathogens while that exhaust air is filtered as it exits the biosafety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

A known fact is that biological beings are characterized by their susceptibility to the environment that surrounds them, since in this is found microorganisms capable of creating reactions in the body of living beings, such as allergies or diseases. In these cases, the research and results obtained within the medical laboratories for the creation of cures or specific treatments are of vital importance.

In view of the importance of the Cabins Microbiological, Kalstein offers to laboratories a wide variety of cabinets with the intention of promoting innovation, creation and research in the area of ​​health. With an eye on the future, this company is committed to social growth through scientific advances with the support of the manufacture and export of equipment and instruments used in laboratories, necessary to achieve a better future for humanity.